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Welcome to the Cancer Research Publications Repository of Cancer Council NSW.

This repository contains listings of academic publications, by Cancer Council NSW staff, from 2010 onward. You can download versions of publications where copyright allows, which includes all publications from 2015 onward.

For more information about the research conducted at Cancer Council NSW, please see our website.

Most recent Title/Author/Publication date Type of publication
The Efficacy of Workplace Interventions on Improving the Dietary, Physical Activity and Sleep Behaviours of School and Childcare Staff: A Systematic Review
Nathan N,Murawski B,Hope K et al. 2020
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Improving breast cancer screening in Australia: a public health perspective
Nickson C,Velentzis L,Brennan P et al. 2019
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Defining success factors to describe coordinated care in cancer
Shaw T,York S,White K et al. 2018
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
How has COVID-19 impacted cancer screening? Adaptation of services and the future outlook in Australia
Feletto, E,Grogan, P,Dickson, C et al. 2020
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Temporal trends in net and crude probability of death from cancer and other causes in the Australian population, 1984–2013
Dasgupta P,Cramb S,Kou K et al. 2019
Peer Reviewed Journal Article

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