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Title: Combating Diabetes in China: a long-term perspective is needed
Authors: Yu XQ; Baade P
Year: 2018
Journal Title: Lancet Public Health 2018
Volume: 3
Issue: 4
Page number start: e154
Page number end: e155
Abstract: With over 114 million adults living with diabetes (predominately type 2), China has the unwanted claim as being the epicentre of the worldwide diabetes crisis. 1 The estimated prevalence has risen from less than 1% in 1980, 2 to 11% in 2017. 1 Although adiposity and active smoking are established risk factors for type 2 diabetes, 3 the joint effect of these risk factors is still unclear. When considering that previous studies have provided little clarity about the effects of smoking cessation on diabetes risk, there is much to learn.
Division: Cancer Research Division
DOI: 10.1016/S2468-2667(18)30048-3
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