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Title: Management of early anal cancer: need for guidelines and standardisation
Authors: Jones MP; Carroll S; Martin J; Hillman R; Grulich A; O’Connell DL; Young CL; Poynten M
Categories: Treatment - Localised Therapies – Discovery and Development
Cancer Type - Anal Cancer
Keywords: Anal intra-epithelial neoplasia
Year: 2017
Journal Title: International Journal of Colorectal Disease
Volume: 32
Issue: 12
Page number start: 1719
Page number end: 1724
Abstract: Purpose The optimal management of early squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal (AC) is yet to be determined. This study investigated current practice in the management of early AC. Methods A patterns of care survey was completed by Australian surgeons and radiation oncologists. Specific topics addressed were as follows: geographical location of practice, staging of disease, treatment approaches to T1N0 tumours and grade 3 anal intra-epithelial neoplasia (AIN3) lesions, radiotherapy planning, toxicities, follow-up and clinical trial involvement. Results Sixty-four responses were obtained. For the management of T1N0 disease, half the respondents recommended standard dose chemo-radiotherapy (CRT) and one third recommended wide local excision (WLE). For the management of AIN3, half recommended WLE while a quarter advocated observation. Conclusions This study reveals a significant variation in the management of early AC. The development of guidelines specific to the treatment of early AC could standardise treatment while further research is required to define the optimal management of T1N0 AC and AIN.
Division: Cancer Research Division
DOI: doi: 10.1007/s00384-017-2913-6
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