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Title: Authors' reply to: Sun exposure may increase risk of prostate cancer in the high UV environment of New South Wales, Australia: A case–control study
Authors: Nair-Shalliker V; Smith DP; Egger S; Hughes A; Kaldor JM; Clements M; Kricker A; Armstrong BK
Categories: Cancer Type - Prostate Cancer
Etiology - Exogenous Factors in the Origin and Cause of Cancer
Year: 2012
Journal Title: International Journal of Cancer
Volume: 131
Issue: 9
Page number start: 2206
Page number end: 2207
Abstract: Dear Editor, Grant and Garland1 raise five issues with our study.2 First, they1 state that our results2 are contradicted by those of Tuohimaa et al.,3 who reported that risk of prostate cancer following diagnosis of nonmelanoma skin cancers was reduced to a greater extent in those living in sunny countries (specifically Australia, Singapore and Spain) than in those living in less sunny countries. The report of Tuohimaa et al. is problematic. Australia, represented in this analysis only by the New South Wales Central Cancer Registry (NSWCCR), cannot have been included in the results Grant and Garland cite. The NSWCCR does not and has never registered basal and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin. Moreover, the results of Tuohimaa et al. cannot be used to make valid inferences about associations between sun exposure and cancer....
Division: Cancer Research Division
DOI: doi/full/10.1002/ijc.27474
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