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Title: B Positive (2nd Edition) - all you wanted to know about hepatitis B - a guide for primary care providers
Authors: Matthews G; Robotin M; Allard N
Categories: Cancer Type - Liver Cancer
Etiology - Endogenous Factors in the Origin and Cause of Cancer
Year: 2014
Journal Title: Australasian Society for HIV Medicine
Abstract: This manual provides a comprehensive summary of currently available knowledge and practice, reiterating the key role of primary care practitioners in the diagnosis, care and management of people living with chronic hepatitis B. It is intended to be used as a desktop or online resource by practitioners who require information to direct management or answer questions from patients living with CHB. It covers testing, interpretation of serology, initial assessment, ongoing monitoring, treatment and complex management situations such as pregnancy and advanced liver disease. A factsheet for patients living with chronic hepatitis B, as well as contact details for useful organisations and resources are also included.
Division: Cancer Research Division
Funding Body: The Australian Government Department of Health
ISBN: 978-0-9579114-9-9
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