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Title: Modelling HPV Test of Cure. Chapter in Moss S, Kelly R, Legood R, Sadique Z, Canfell K, Lew JB, Smith M, Walker R. Evaluation of Sentinel Sites for HPV Triage and test of cure. Report to the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes (UK)
Authors: Canfell K
Lew JB
Smith M
Walker R
Categories: Causes & Exposures - HPV
Diagnosis & Treatment - Screening
Population Groups - International
Population Groups - Women's Health
Statistical & Methodological Research - Mathematical Modelling
Keywords: HPV; cancer; screening
Pub. Date: 2011
Publisher: National Health Service Cancer Screening Program
Programme: Epi Mod Screen
Division: Cancer Research Division
Publisher: National Health Service Cancer Screening Program
Place: UK
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