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Title: Estimation of cancer cases and deaths attributable to infection in China
Authors: Xiang W; Shi JF; Li P; Wang JB; Xu LN; Wei WQ; Zhao FH; Qiao YL; Boffetta P
Categories: Cancer Type - All Cancers combined
Etiology - Endogenous Factors in the Origin and Cause of Cancer
Cancer Control, Survivorship, and Outcomes Research - Resources and Infrastructure
Keywords: cancer; methods; mortality; Neoplasms; Other; Prevalence; Registries; Research; Risk; Risk Factors; screening; cancer registry; Vaccination; virology; Virus Diseases; Women; Cause of Death; China; complications; epidemiology; Female; Humans; Male
Year: 2011
Journal Title: Cancer Causes and Control
Volume: 22
Issue: 8
Page number start: 1153
Page number end: 1161
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The burden of cancer attributable to infection in China has not been systematically quantified in detail. METHODS: Using the findings of systematic review of prevalence of infectious agents and their relative risks (RRs) of specific cancers, a standard approach was applied to estimate the population proportions of cancers attributed to specific infectious agents in China (attributable fractions, AFs). Together with information from the latest national mortality survey and cancer registries in China, the overall and detailed numbers of cancer cases and deaths caused by infection were estimated. RESULTS: A total of 668,763 cancer cases and 526,567 cancer deaths were attributed to infections in China in 2005, which accounted for 25.9 and 29.4% of the overall cancer cases and deaths of the local population, respectively. More infection-related cancers in men (of ~30%) were found compared to that in women (of 25.3% cases and 21.8% deaths). CONCLUSIONS: Infectious agents contributed more than one-quarter of the overall cancer number among population in China; further persistently effective vaccination and screening interventions and other preventive efforts against relevant infections should be initiated and strengthened
Programme: Cancer Causes
Division: Cancer Research Division
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