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Title: Projecting prevalence by stage of care for prostate cancer and estimating future health service needs: protocol for a modelling study
Authors: Yu XQ; Smith DP; Clements MS; Patel MI; McHugh B; O'Connell DL
Categories: Cancer Type - Prostate Cancer
Cancer Control, Survivorship, and Outcomes Research - Resources and Infrastructure
Cancer Control, Survivorship, and Outcomes Research - Health Services, Economic and Health Policy Analyses
Keywords: analysis; Prevalence; prostate; Quality of Life; Registries; Research; survival; Wales; Australia; cancer; cancer registry; epidemiology; Health Services Research; Incidence; methods; New South Wales
Year: 2011
Journal Title: BMJ Open
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Page number start: e000104
Abstract: Introduction Current strategies for the management of prostate cancer are inadequate in Australia. We will, in this study, estimate current service needs and project the future needs for prostate cancer patients in Australia. Methods and analysis First, we will project the future prevalence of prostate cancer for 2010-2018 using data for 1972-2008 from the New South Wales (NSW) Central Cancer Registry. These projections, based on modelled incidence and survival estimates, will be estimated using PIAMOD (Prevalence, Incidence, Analysis MODel) software. Then the total prevalence will be decomposed into five stages of care: initial care, continued monitoring, recurrence, last year of life and long-term survivor. Finally, data from the NSW Prostate Cancer Care and Outcomes Study, including data on patterns of treatment and associated quality of life, will be used to estimate the type and amount of services that will be needed by prostate cancer patients in each stage of care. In addition, Central Cancer Registry episode data will be used to estimate transition rates from localised or locally advanced prostate cancer to metastatic disease. Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits data, linked with Prostate Cancer Care and Outcomes Study data, will be used to complement the Cancer Registry episode data. The methods developed will be applied Australia-wide to obtain national estimates of the future prevalence of prostate cancer for different stages of clinical care. Ethics and dissemination This study was approved by the NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee. Results of the study will be disseminated widely to different interest groups and organisations through a report, conference presentations and peer-reviewed articles
Programme: Health Services Research
Division: Cancer Research Division
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