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Title: Is breast cancer care in accord with clinical practice guidelines: a consumer audit
Authors: Williams P; Redman S; Rankin NM; Davis C; Armstrong B; Malycha P
Categories: Cancer Control, Survivorship, and Outcomes Research - Education and Communication Research
Cancer Type - Breast Cancer
Keywords: Australia; Guidelines; Mastectomy; Other; Practice Guidelines; psychosocial; Registries; Telephone; Women; breast; cancer; cancer registry; Clinical Trials; Decision Making; Design; diagnosis; Family
Year: 2002
Journal Title: Breast
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Page number start: 509
Page number end: 515
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To assess whether information, support and other psychosocial care for women with early breast cancer in Australia is in accord with published Australian clinical practice guidelines. DESIGN: An interview survey of a population-based sample of women with early breast cancer. SETTING: The whole of Australia. PARTICIPANTS: Women diagnosed with early breast cancer 6-12 months before the survey were identified through the population-based cancer registries. An initial sample of 1184 women was drawn from the cancer registries; the doctors of 104 women did not agree to any participation and a further 212 women were excluded as ineligible. A randomly selected sample of 832 of the 868 women who were eligible to participate were invited to participate in the study and 544 (76%) of the 716 who could be contacted completed a full interview. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: A telephone interview covering 12 aspects of care recommended in the published guidelines. Results: Most women received care in accord with the following recommendations: diagnosis given by a senior doctor (95%), face to face (86%) and in an open manner (90%). Fewer women received recommended care in relation to: involvement in decision making (73%), information about clinical trials (13%); receiving breast reconstruction following mastectomy (8%), evidence-based consumer guides (62%) and adequate support for families (65%). CONCLUSIONS: The extent to which the provision of information, support and psychosocial care is in accord with recommendations can be audited effectively by a survey of women who have received treatment. Some 80% or more of women received care in accord with half of the 12 target guidelines; however, further programmes are required to improve access to information and participation in clinical trials and to better understand participation in decision making
Programme: Health Services Research
Division: Cancer Research Division
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