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Welcome to the Cancer Research Publications Repository of Cancer Council NSW.

This repository contains listings of academic publications, by Cancer Council NSW staff, from 2010 onward. You can download versions of publications where copyright allows, which includes all publications from 2015 onward.

For more information about the research conducted at Cancer Council NSW, please see our website.

Most recent Title/Author/Publication date Type of publication
Clinical validation of the cobas HPV test on the cobas 6800 system for the purpose of cervical screening
Saville M, Sultana F, Malloy MJ , 2019
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Physical activity-related health and economic benefits of building walkable neighbourhoods: a modelled comparison between brownfield and greenfield developments
Zapata-Diomedi B, Boulangé C, Giles-Corti B , 2019
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Sequencing of anthracyclines and taxanes in neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy for early breast cancer.
Zaheed M, Wilcken N, Willson ML , 2019
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Metastatic breast cancer incidence, site and survival in Australia, 2001-2016: A population-based health record linkage study protocol
Lord SJ, Kiely BE, Pearson S-A , 2019
Peer Reviewed Journal Article