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Welcome to the Cancer Research Publications Repository of Cancer Council NSW.

This repository contains listings of academic publications, by Cancer Council NSW staff, from 2010 onward. You can download versions of publications where copyright allows, which includes all publications from 2015 onward.

For more information about the research conducted at Cancer Council NSW, please see our website.

Most recent Title/Author/Publication date Type of publication
Temporal trends in net and crude probability of death from cancer and other causes in the Australian population, 1984–2013
Dasgupta P, Cramb S, Kou K , 2019-10
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Cancer costs and gender: a snapshot of issues, trends, and opportunities to reduce inequities using Australia as an example
Feletto E, Grogan P, Vassallo A , 2019-08
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Benefits, harms and cost-effectiveness of cancer screening in Australia: an overview of modelling estimates
Lew J-B, Feletto E, Wade SL , 2019-07
Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Opportunities for lung cancer screening in Australia
Weber MF, Rankin NM, Marshall H , 2019-07
Peer Reviewed Journal Article